Friday, November 27, 2015

BTV Airport seeks to co-exist with South Burlington

 Hungry but

she grew
to where her appetite

Houses and families
raised around her,
wearing a deaf ear until

More and more flew
till the skies were no
longer as blue as

terrain, her arms outspread
reaching out in invitation

Army National Guard
joined The Green Mountain Boys
as the family expanded
and matured
4, 16, 35, up, up and away

Her voice now echoing
long and wide

Some neighbors cried out
our ears will not accept
such violent accelerando.

Her family had grown boisterous.
Having no doors to close
she bought homes 
with affection.

While others felt abandoned
unoccupied vacant-forlorn-
community apart for nearly
a year of anguish

She finally brought homes
with grace
helping some move on.

Later her voice pattern
a shorter range
yet broader
in the middle.

From litigation
to mitigation
extenuation, palliation
neighborly accommodation
opacity to transparency

still the chambers roared
for trust takes time
to be reborn.

She is hungry though benevolent
carries us where and when we want to go
guards our skies
delivers our guests

Shrill – Piercing –Deafening

Can we learn to love her
without starving her
muffle her noise
without barricading
or razing
each other?

~ Bernie Paquette

(Note the hyperlinks tie to resources that help tell the story)

Bernie publishes commentary and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

South Burlington, VT 1000+ Photos - Top 5 Things to Do Outdoors

     South Burlington
                                                                      Outdoor Photo Guide

Nowland Farm Road,
site of Underwood Natural Area.

Images of South Burlington, VT. Photo Gallery for tourism & residents.


Photos of South Burlington natural areas, neighborhoods, birds, flowers, community events.


My son Matthew, stands next to
Whale Tails in South Burlington, VT. 


The Top 5 things to do outdoors in South Burlington, VT. photo gallery.

Best family outdoor activities in South Burlington, VT. 

Photos of South Burlington A walking neighborhood-NaturalAreas -Farmer's Market-Birds-BackyardFlowers . See over 1000 community photos.

South Burlington Tourism: Best of South Burlington, Vermont Vacations. 

Discover South Burlington - Green, Clean, and Community!

Select and open photo postings (hyperlinks) listed below.

Neighborhood homes/yards.      
South Burlington

Chamberlin neighborhood Issue #1#2 Lawn ornaments, unique sheds... # 3 Our neighborhood is a sweet pot of honey to taste#4 A walking neighborhood,  #5 Flag Day#6 Flower and Vegetable gardensIssue # 7 Exquisite flower garden

What is a community neighborhood?  Excerpt: The more I bike and walk, the more I see others biking and walking, and gardening, and eager to chat, real neighborly-like. I am only now finding folks of diverse backgrounds, talents, and interest just around the corner from me. The only invite required to step into this sense of community is to take a walk and say hello to someone you see on the way.

     Every neighborhood has a story. My SB Walk Around the Block photo series is an attempt to capture some of the essence of our South Burlington communities. 

South Burlington 


Think outside, no box required ~Sierra Club

Farmer's Markets

South Burlington 

Community Events

South Burlington
music, food, games / crafts, exhibitions,   
  rain barrel workshopGreenUp Day 2015,
Green Up Day 2014Green Up Day 2013, Green Up Day 2012 *Green Up Day is a SB & VT family tradition.

Machia Wilderness Camp The goal of the Machia Wilderness (Nature Day camp) Camp is to introduce youth to the outdoor experience; To learn the life skills needed to survive in nature and learn to be productive keepers of  the earth. Campers are challenged to carry their learned skills into everyday life, and teach others what they have learned.


Backyardflowers by Month - June (Spotlight on pink zinnias & Monarch butterfly's)

Select more backyard flower photos by month below

Natural Areas Seasonal hikes/walks
BTV Bike Path/Island Line Trail (Oct - Lake Champlain Sunset)

Photos by Bernie Paquette (including postings above).

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera      ~ Dorthea Lange

South Burlington Photo Guide: 5 Top Outdoor things to do in South Burlington, VT.

What is the magic of South Burlington? Some (myself included) would say the SB magic can be found outdoors.  Walk any of the neighborhoods-each has a unique story to tell. Explore the natural areas in every season-they hold mysteries and wonders abound. Visit the weekly Farmer's market-get to know your food producers. Join community events-at the library/school/city hall-meet folks of diverse backgrounds, talents, and interest. Notice the birds and flowers up close and in detail, outdoor nature will astound you.

Community members will welcome you! So get out and count the snowflakes, and say hello to the next person you see walking down the street.

Re-discover the best of outdoors in SB!

Amenities Descriptions
Red Rocks Park: 700 feet of Lake Champlain waterfront w/beach, 2.5 miles of trails, scenic overlook.
Wheeler Nature Park: 140 acres,  Trail Map
Underwood Park: 60.7 acres. 
Muddy Brook Wetland Reserve: 48.8 acres
Muddy Brook Natural Area: 27.5 acres
Winooski Gorge:
Centennial Woods Natural Area: 70 acres
Woodside Natural Area: 58 acres, 1.1 mile loop trail, good birding site.
Colchester Pond: 182 acre pond, 2 1/2 mile trail, good birding site.
Island Line Trail -BTV Bike Path/Colchester bike path/Causeway: 24.5 miles Map. Other bike trails in Vermont.

Wheeler Park description (PDF)
City of South Burlington official web page.
The Other Paper - South Burlington community newspaper (weekly).
Whale Tails (Wikipedia)
Whale Tails (Roadside America)
Whale Tails (Lake Champlain Life)
Directions to Whale Tail foot path.

Wikipedia: South Burlington is a city in Chittenden County, Vermont, in the United States. With an estimated population of 18,743 people in 2014, it is the second largest city in Vermont and is home to the headquartes of Ben & Jerry's.  

It is composed of multiple sets of suburban neighborhoods and a commercial center, which is in the process of being converted to a downtown along Market Street. The city borders Lake Champlain and has a public park and beach, "Red Rocks", along with other public parks.
Bernie publishes commentary and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. 

View images of South Burlington, VT.  Follow on Facebook @ South Burlington VT - Photos.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Biking in South Burlington? Caution watch out for ROCKS Cairns!

South Burlington rock formation?

Entering the South Burlington, VT Bike Path at Spear and Swift Streets behind Wheelock Surplus barn, one begins a curving downhill ride 

(or walk) with a farm field on the left bordered by woods. Nice scenery, however look a little closer to the left across the field and something even more interesting quietly, steadfastly, stands amidst rain, and snow, sunshine, and wind even though balanced on the smallest resting landings, one atop another, and another-ROCKS. Rock Carins to be more exact. Carins- rocks or stone arranged by someone for a purpose like providing directions, or sometimes for the art and playfulness derived from the effort and the intrigue and beauty to share with anyone passing or stopping to enjoy. 

So if you are biking in South Burlington; Caution, watch out for ROCKS!

The South Burlington Cairns (Rock Folks) talk to me, perhaps they will speak to you as well! 

(See Captions)

Gated community

Lonely Lookout

Hope you enjoy the tranquility of this place, and the insight and humor of the 'Rock Folks'. 

Cairn Tollgate.
I had to run back
to get a shitload of dimes.

Illustrating the climb to success
and its precarious nature
Mini Amphitheater

It is only a stone's throw from here,
just follow the trodden path. 

Trail Guides

Dad, Mom, and Kids

You stay on your side
I will stay on mine -
We will get along just fine.
Rock Cairns un-characteristically
 fearful of heights-
afraid to go any higher.


The White Stone Inn


Careful, the rock Cairns may sneak up on you. 

VT shaped rock with a twist

Practicing the 'Cairn Walk'
One must stand straight and tall,
not wobble or fall
from dawn to night-

The perfect fit is hard to find. 

The big guys
need help
from the little guys -
Everyone together
is key
to standing tall.

Wait for me!

Left behind. 

So close yet so far.
 I just wanna hold your hand.

The same, but different. 

Thx for the shade,
now how about
cold beer. 

A shoulder to lean on. 

This rock told me
his name is

Can anyone tell if it is
on the other side of the hill? 

UVM's Wheelock Barn in background

Gathered for a Family Portrait.

Bone Tired
with endurance of steel

The Maker's design mark.

My face shows
the age of time
the experience of a long life
the joys and pains
the memories
all cherished.

From ashes to dust
from rock
to sand
for all time.

Steady March Upward.
The were all singing
"Onward Christian Soldiers..."

Sun beating down
oh joyous joyous
warm sun.

Sometimes it takes death to see life, 
darkness to see light, 
age to understand time. 

 Bernie publishes commentary and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community.

Photos by Bernie Paquette

Seven Days article, Random Acts of Beauty transforms field with Sculpture.
The Other Paper article, JP the rock star in the field of Cairns
Cairns, Heaps, and other rock piles. Info about Cairns.