Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Green Up Day Competition. Let the Games Begin: Sign Up Today

Are you up for a little sporting competition? Are you ready to get your hands dirty for a good cause? Be warned, this event can be much more challenging than an Easter egg hunt, more of a workout than the gym, and more fun than you might imagine.

Four teams will compete on Saturday, May 3, 2014. First up is the Middle school 3-10 district looking for a miracle of a win.  Second, we have the Orchard school 3-7 district. Third, we have Chamberlin school 3-9 district, the little engine that could, hoping for a knockout. Fourth is the grand Middle school 3-8 district, which, in sheer size, could be a formidable opponent. 

Who will be the team captains? Will the five city councilors and the city Manager each choose a team (district) to represent, recruit members, and lead their team to victory? Will someone from each of South Burlington’s schools volunteer to be co-captains? What organizations and businesses will carry the cheerleader role, and hand out water, hot drinks, and snacks, come whatever the weather may bring us? What nonprofit, Scouting troops, Rotary or Elks members will join a team to bolster the roster?

The gauntlet is down. Send me your name and team of choice. On May 3, may the cleanest district win! Don’t be left on the sidelines-compete or forfeit your chance to dance on Victory Lane.

Who:  Everyone is invited
What: SB Green Up Day Competition
Where: All streets, parks, and wetlands, in SB.
             Litter drop off site: City Hall 8AM-2PM       
When: May 3, 2014
Why: Friendly competition to see which district can clean up the most litter.

The playing field: 
There are approximately 359 streets and 136 wetland locations in South Burlington. A late spring has kept many secrets and treasures hidden across them, under the ice and snow.  Awaken your children, your friends, your neighbors. Sign them up for this one-day sporting event celebrating and opening the way for a Green and Clean spring and summer.  Choose which team you will represent as you explore the streets, parks, trails, wetlands, and woodlands on Green Up Day, in search and retrieval of litter.

Earn points for most team members, most litter cleaned up, greatest number of unusual trash items, and most under age 18 participants.

Register for the great SB Green Up Day Competition. Consider naming your group! Will your team name be Mama’s bears or Elementary Litter Gitters? Just be sure to tell me which of the four teams (district) your group will represent.

Finally, on Saturday, May 3, bring gloves, buckets or Green Up bags, and your *grubbiest clothes to the locations you choose and clean up (litter) for your winning team. (*You want to look the part for photos, when you drop off your litter catch at City Hall). Green Up Day-A SB Family Tradition.   

Gather your family, or form a team from your street or neighborhood, sports team, scouting group, or club. Hurry, sign up today; don’t wait, send me an email now with your name and the names of others in your group, the area you are representing, and locations you will clean up on Green Up Day.  Will it be Orchard, Chamberlin, Middle 3-8 or Middle 3-10 district -that sweeps up the competition for a clean 2014 win? 

Sign up today via email (Bernie(dot)paquette@yahoo(dot)com) – don’t delay. Team bragging rights begin with most sign ups early on. Tell us which team roster to enter you under, then mark your calendar- May 3, 2014 SB Green Up Day Competition. Let the games begin! 

3-7 Queen City Park Road from Shelburne Road to Pine Street Marga & Glenn Sproul
3-7 Shelburne Road (Intersection I-89 down to GE Healthcare) The GE Volunteers (Maurice Cloutier)
3-8 Bowdoin Street Linda A. Maguire & others / Office of Security and Integrity, USCIS
3-8 Cheese Factory Road Donna & Hugh Harley
3-8 I-89 between Dorset and Shelburne rd Sarah Dopp
3-8 Dorset Park to Kennedy Drive-   Faith United Church Teens: Lee Jackson
3-8 Four Sisters Road Rosanne Greco
3-8 Kennedy Drive -South/west side of Kennedy between Williston & Hinesburg Roads Dore & Whittier Architects
3-8 Kimball Avenue (Corner of Kennedy Drive to VT. Assoc for the blind) Neville Company
3-8 Meadowland Drive Linda A. Maguire & others / Office of Security and Integrity, USCIS
3-8 Nowland Farm Road mile long stretch Rosanne Greco
3-8 Prouty Pkwy Melissa Dickinson
3-9 Jaycee Park (off Patchin Road) Walter Luchini
3-9 Mary Street Girl Scouts (Brownies):     Kim Swartz
3-9 National Guard Avenue Scarpa Family
3-9 Patchen Road from White St to Irelands Got-Junk" team 
3-9 River Road Scarpa Family
3-9 Victory Drive (to Kennedy) Boy Scout Troop #611
3-9 Bike Path from Victory Drive Boy Scout Troop #611
3-9 White Street (Chamberlin School Only) Cub Scouts (Troop ????) Mike Parascondo
3-9 Williston Road  Boy Scout Troop #611
Wetland Loc In the woods behind O'Brien Drive, SBHS, Barrett Street, Kennedy Drive, Woodcrest Drive. Jared Poor & neighbors

Monday, March 31, 2014

Wetland locations in South Burlington

136 Wetland locations in South Burlington

Remember us on Green Up Day
May 3, 2014

Adirondack St
Aiken St
Airport Drive
Airport Rd
Allan Rd East
Allen Rd
Aspen Dr
Autumn Hill Rd
Barrett St
Bartlett Bay Rd
Baycrest Dr
Berard Dr
Berkley St
Birch St
Bower St
Brookwood Dr.
Butler Dr
Cabot Ct
Cedar Glen Dr
Cheesefactory Ln
Cheesefactory Rd
Cinda St
Circle Dr
Clover St
Cobblestone Cir
Commerce Av
Community Dr
Cottage Grove
Country Club Dr
Dairy Ln
Datkin Dr
Deane St
Derby Cir
Dorset St
Dover St
Dubois dr
Dumont Av
East Terr
Eldredge St
Elizabeth St
Elsom Pkwy
Ethan Allen dr
Falcon St
Fielding Ln
Floral Dr
Forest St
Fox Run Ln
Frost St
GreenTree Dr
Gregory Dr
Harbor Ridge Rd
Harbor View Rd
Hayes Av
Haymaker Ln
Helen Av
Highland Terr
Hinesburg Rd
Holmes Rd Ext
Hopkins St
Indian Crk
Interstate 89 N
Interstate entrance / exit
Irish Cove Rd
Karen Dr
Keari Ln
Kimball Av
Kirby Rd
Knoll Cir
Landfill Rd
Ledoux Terr
Leduc Farm Dr
Lexington Green
Lime Kiln Rd
Lime Rock Rd
Mansfield Veiw Ln
Marcy St
Marcy St
Market St
Mary St
Meadowland Dr
Meadowood Dr
Midas Dr
Midland Av
Mill Pond Ln
Moss Glen Ln
Mountain View Blvd
Myers Ct
National Guard Av
Nest Dr
Nichklaus Cir
Oakhill Dr
Oakwood Dr
Obrien Dr
Old Farm Rd
Palmer Ct
Patchen Rd
Patrick St
Pene Tree Terr
Pheasant Wy
Pinnacle Dr
Pinnade Dr
Prouty Pkwy
Pump Ln
Quarry Hill Rd
Queensbury Rd
Richard Terr
S. Beach Rd
S. Henry Ct
Sadie Ln
San Remo Dr
Shamrock Rd
Shelburne Rd
Sherry Rd Dr
Shunpike Rd
Slade St
Slocum St
Songbird Rd
Southview Dr
Springhouse Rd
Stonehedge Dr
Sugartree Ln
Technology Park Way
Tilley Dr
Valley Rd
Valley Rdg Rd
Van Sicklen Rd
Victoria Dr
Village Green Dr
White St
Whiteface st
Winding Brook Dr
Woodland Pl
Wright Ct

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What I’ve Learned from Birds

Thinking back on when my dad died; it was as if all the birds stopped singing. After listening to his laborious breathing subside then stop, my ears heard silence like never before.  I think of life differently now!

Once billions of Passenger Pigeons darkened the skies for hours at a time as an unending ribbon of life twisted, turned, fluttered, and flew, on and on almost unending. How could one imagine that one day billions of these life forms would die down to two, then one, then none? The death of 3 to 5 billion Passenger Pigeons -all of them-gone, was the result of human exploitation. A death, a single voice absent from the chorus, is hard albeit natural-and inclusive. 

Extinction of any species is as if all birds stopped singing-forever. Passenger pigeons define for me – sustainability, or at least the reason to strive for sustainability.

This winter a southern visitor to our backyard, a Carolina Wren- 
tells me Vermont’s winter may not be the harshest, thus driving some populations northward. Still I wonder how comfortable these fair weather birds feel when our warm winter suddenly reverts to traditional knee-deep snowstorms, and arctic temperatures. 

In winter, I give up my bike and revert to walking wherever I go. However, Ice storms and deep chill deplete my bravado for car-less travel. That is when I think of my southern visitor, barring the cold, patronizing my seed and suet restaurant, voicing a loud 3-part phrase like “tea-kettle, tea-kettle, tea-kettle”; reminding me when it’s cold, to put on the tea kettle; spring will come. In the mean time, enjoying the company from our southern visitors warms me up from within.

The neighborhood Nuthatches feeding in our yard remind me that I have always wondered where and how peanuts grow. 
inform me with their nasal ank ank as they barrel downwards-headfirst down a log plugged with peanut-butter suet packed in dime-sized holes. Translation: “Everybody knows peanut-butter grows on trees.”  The nuthatch uses its talent and long nimble beak to extract a peanut out of my peanut feeder and looks up at me cocking its head up and sideways wondering how I manage to find my food. Peanuts, the bird advises, come out of these wooden and glass houses like bubble gum machines. Thanks to Farmer’s markets, and my Nuthatch friends, I am learning where food comes from, gaining an appreciation for the work and talent needed to acquire healthy food.

Chickadees, on the other hand, teach me how to burn as many calories, if not more, than I input. First, they never sit still-even for a moment. The only way to get a photo of a chickadee is to push the button before you see the bird, and hope it moves into view when the camera shutter opens. Once a chickadee takes hold of a black oil sunflower seed-which by the way is much bigger than its beak and mouth-the calorie burning work begins. Opening the seed is, for the chickadee, like us eating lobster-lots of work for a morsel of food. 

Goldfinches looping flight is like gold stocks; they drop as though they are falling from the sky, then rise as though on a volcanic up thrust. 
Though their golden yellow fades during winter months, they flock at backyard feeders in the bullions – or at least dozens.  Goldfinches remind me though the sun may fade, or fail to shine some days, time will restore the warm gold rays.

Help keep our environment pristine-pick up litter wherever and whenever you see it. You will enrich birdsong -or so a little birdie told me. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Vote for a clean (minded) Council

Littering is an anti-social behavior. As much as we strive for community, litter is a problem that continues to plague our city’s business districts and neighborhoods.

Ask our council elect & candidates to:

Study and implement a variety of methods to reduce litter and discourage littering in South Burlington.

Address the litter problem in the neighborhood business districts.

File an ordinance to reduce litter and promote recycling.

Expand use of public trash and recycling bins, explore the use of cutting-edge receptacles.

Consider use of Solar trash compacting litter/recycling bins.

Promote an Adopt-A-Block year round clean-up program.

Seek business partnerships for clean community programs. Utilize Clean Up coupons, student created posters, treasure litter-golden coin hunt, public - litter bucket brigades, and install cigarette butt bins/trash and recycling bins at all retail establishments.

Collaborate with CSWD, SB Rotary, scouting troops, and schools to design Clean Up education, promotion and awareness campaigns, and clean up actions.

Elect for a Clean South Burlington
South Burlington: No place for Litter

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa RT

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Backyard birds in Vermont_Robins & Waxwings & rare Angel Bird

                               Hey you two, cool it, Valetine's Day is still 15 days away.

Robin and Robinette
sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes baby
in a baby carriage!

                                                              This one got a cold shoulder. Still looking for his Valentine.

Rabbit or a Robin?

                                             Valentine Berries

       Cedar Waxwings: note the yellow belly, white undertail coverts and red spots on wings.

Let's all square dance.  Places all.

                             Bow to your corner, bow to your own.

Bow to your corner, bow to your own.
        (Singing.) Three hands up and 'round you go,
        Break it up with a dosey-do.
        Chicken in the bread pan kickin' out dough,
             swing your tail, to and fro

Lady step back and two gents in,
        Back you go and forward again.
        Step right up with an elbow swing,
        Skip to ma Lou my darling.    

Promenade all around the room,
        Promenade like a bride and groom.    

 Don't you stray and don't you roam,
        Turn it around and promenade home.  

                                               Rare Angel Bird

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine's Day_For whom does your heart go out to?

Valentine's Day is coming in a few weeks! For whom does your heart go out to in response to  their litter clean up actions?

A big thank you to our lovely staff members who clean up our parking lot each day!  City Market, BTV

My heart goes to Mr. Pete Seeger for all the things he stood up for but also for cleaning up the Hudson River. Alex Simon

To my grandma,

 for always picking up litter when she could and sending me off to clean up the neighborhood at an early age! 
Carolyn: Oceanwildthings

VT'ers seem to be tidy folks. My heart goes out to all who care enough to pick up litter whenever they see it.  Route 802

                                                                         Keep VT Green & Clean

How could we possibly choose! 

Our heart goes to any Cincinnati resident that picks up litter + takes pride in their city!  Keep Cinci beautiful.


These kids ->


Keep VA beautiful

To the woman today, 
don't know her name, she missed the bin, then tried again.
Sheila White, Toronto

Our (PA Resources Council) heart goes out to,
twitter.com/ @VTLitterStories  @AlleghenyCW,   @BeautifulPHL

Our heart goes out to all the fantastic volunteers and activists making a difference.

Great idea, believe it or not my birthday is Valentine's Day. 
A few million more Daily Litter Walkers would really help too.
Robin Roberts:Lean and Clean.

Well, my heart goes out to YOU for starters!
 These worldwide litter pickers melt my heart: http://www.pinterest.com/museumoflitter/planetary-pickers/ …
Museum of Litter Sharon

Loads of people pick up rubbish without anyone noticing. To every one of my unsung fellow Crap Fairies: THANK YOU! :o)
Erica Rose  The Crap Fairy

Stay tuned. There are sooo many awesome Earth Warriors  who help keep our planet clean, green & litter free! :) 
                              Litter Free Planet

Valentine's Day is coming in a few weeks! For whom does your heart go out to in response to  their litter clean up actions?
Send me your response via twitter @ 

Love where you live,
Love whom you love,
Love even if love is a one way street;
for what goes down the street must come back

the other way at some point.