Wednesday, October 29, 2014

BTV bike path Oct 29 2014

Btv Waterfront Bike Path. Lots of leaf litter, very little people litter.
Along for the ride. 


Along the way I picked up two recyclable cans and a discarded pumpkin. 
Each will be recycled. 

Outdoor temp was 57-63 degrees Fahrenheit.  

I do not think BTV has had a frost this fall as of today 10/29/2014.

LOST my rear bike light must have fallen off on bike path.  Tweet me if you have a recommendation for replacement at
Thinking of going with Cygolite Hotshot 2-watt USB Rechargeable 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vermont backyard Flowers and Foliage Oct 2014

                                                       Look within to find your true self.

Leaf peeping.  Whos eyeing who? 


                                                                                Family gathering, happy tears

Green and Gold

Soon the color will fade,
yet the beauty will remain. 

                                                                              Give hugs, they warm the world.